Hi!  I’m Latiesha Johnson.  I can help you with all your travel needs!  I will assist you with planning a trip for any type of travel including solo, girls trips, guys trips, guided trips or destination weddings.  I can make arrangements for cruises, flights, hotels, rental cars and excursions.  I am a travel agent that loves to travel so I know what travelers need and want.  I took my first international trip to Sydney Australia for work in 2011.  I took another work trip to Aberdeen Scotland in 2012 followed by a trip to Dubai United Arab Emirates.  The wanderlust set in after my Dubai trip and I wanted to travel on my own.  I took some amazing trips with friends and travel groups from 2013-2016.   I  took my first solo trip in February 2016 and I haven't stopped traveling solo.  As of August 2019 I have been to 25 countries on 6 continents and I plan to see many more countries.  My friends on social media started asking me questions about all my travels in 2017 and that made me realize that in spite of all the travel blogs I follow there was still a market in my sphere of influence to expose more people to the joys of travel.  I am passionate about knowledge transfer and thought it will be great to be able to share my knowledge about something I LOVE to do, so  I started documenting my travels through this blog Living Dreams Joyfully.  Whether you are a brand that would like to collaborate with me or a novice traveler that would like some assistance with planning your travels please contact me via email to share your travel goals with me.