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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Kenya did not get any exploration. I was EXHAUSTED! I just wanted to sit in my hotel and do NOTHING! The traffic was horrendous it took 2.5 hours to get about 15 miles from the airport to my hotel. Thank God my Uber driver had a great sense of humor so we cut up the whole way.

It was entertaining to watch people selling everything on the street including pillows, mirrors, cd's, bananas, homemade snacks, windshield wipers, hats, ergonomic back supports & whatever else you may need.

I managed to walk around downtown a little bit each day I went out to get food, but that didn’t last long before I was back in my PJ's in my room resting. Downtown Nairobi was SUPER crowded and there was no respect for personal space. I had been brushed and touched by way more strangers than my OCD could tolerate.

I spent four full days in Kenya, but I really don’t count this as a visit because I didn’t get to meet any locals or see any of the main attractions.


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