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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Uganda was another birthday present to myself. Keeping in alignment with my goal to see more African countries in 2018, I left Mauritius and went to Uganda. I like to visit places when there is an event going on and the Miss Uganda pageant was on August 10th so that gave me a perfect excuse to check out the country.

I traveled to Uganda on my birthday to keep from having to pay a fortune to get out of Mauritius. When I say everything that could go wrong did I tell no lies!

1. I had an overnight layover which I hate.

2. I booked my transit hotel with points. They tried to charge me so I was on the phone with Marriott customer service for 40 minutes to get the issue resolved.

3. I made it to Uganda safely but one of my bags did not make it at all and the other one was severely damaged.

4. I arrived at 2:30 but didn't leave the airport until 5:45 dealing with the baggage drama and local sim card drama.

5. I finally settled in and went to the hotel restaurant to have dinner about 9pm and a roach was determined to have dinner with me. He kept coming back no matter how I tried to run him off my table.

All that being said I was still so grateful to be able to give myself this gift (drama and all). As I traveled through Africa I saw how privileged I was to be able to get such "easy" access to these countries. When I talk to locals so many of them DREAM of visiting the USA but our immigration laws don't allow them the same privileges that I am allowed in their country.


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