Hi!  I’m Latiesha Johnson Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I fell in love with the Mary Kay skincare line in 1997 as a college sophomore.  I was looking for products to clear blemishes I had on my skin and the products worked great.  My consultant shared the Mary Kay opportunity with me and I am so happy she did.  Mary Kay was my first entrepreneurial endeavor and they offered the best foundation for how to run a business.  I dropped out of the company as a consultant for a few years in 2004 but I was still using the products.  In 2009 my consultant at the time encouraged me to get back into the business.  She said I may as well be a consultant even if it was just for the purpose of buying my own products.  I rejoined the company and I have been a consultant ever since.  If you have a nagging skincare concern you would like to discuss or if you are looking for an opportunity to generate some extra income you can contact me via email to discuss what Mary Kay cosmetics can do for you.