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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Mauritius was one of the country suggestions that I received from MANY people during my travels in South Africa. So since I was in the area with no specific plans for my birthday I decided to book an impromptu birthday trip. I arrived to sheer sticker shock. The island is not very big, but the cost of transport stung a bit. My airport transfer was $70 each way, I paid $16 for a taxi down the street like 5 minutes. I had hopes of popping around to see different stops, but that was quickly ruled out after these prices. I did pay $100 for a day tour to see some of the hightlights.

After the fact I believe when I go back to Mauritius I will find a nice Airbnb because you don’t have to be at a resort to have an amazing view. I took some really cool pictures at a random open beach down from my resort. I also think I would take my chances on renting a car and learning to drive on the opposite side of the road. I would advise being very careful if you choose to rent a car because the roads are windy and very dark at night.


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