The goal at Living Dreams Joyfully is to help people live their dreams!  If your dream is to become a home owner, travel the world, or get your money right.  I will help you create a plan to achieve those goals.

As a Texas REALTOR® I can guide you in achieving the dream of home ownership!

As a TRUE accredited Travel Agency I can plan the vacation of your dreams.

As a Business Advisor I will help you implement systems that will allow your business to run efficiently and effectively. 


As an Accountant I can coach you in changing your relationship with money to achieve the dream of financial freedom.

As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant I can assist you with your skincare needs.


Hello, I’m Latiesha.  I have always been a little unconventional in my thought process on life.  In my 20’s I decided that I was no longer going to value myself based on titles and possessions.  I just wanted Latiesha to be enough.  However this is an “About Me” section so I have to share information with you so you can have an idea of who I am.


Professional Background:  I enjoyed working contract from the very beginning of my career because I saw it as an opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of skills and environments.  At the time working “freelance” wasn’t as popular as it is now.  I constantly had people telling me I should create more security with a permanent job, but I am so glad I have a contract mentality because it has kept me sane in an industry that is known for laying people off.  I have several years of accounting experience and I have worked for some well-known large corporations.  I obtained my Texas real estate broker license in 2003 after being a licensed sales person from 1999-2003.  I am a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant (2009- present; 1997-2004).  I also held a Texas mortgage broker license from 1999 -2005.  I graduated from Prairie View A&M University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting.


Personal Profile:  Dating was never a priority even though I wanted a relationship.  I never wanted children so I never felt the burden of the infamous “biological time clock”.  I seem to be living life in reverse.  Instead of settling down as I am aging I am choosing to be flexible and go with the flow of wherever the universe takes me.

My Travels

AfricaBotswana; Egypt; Ethiopia; Kenya; Mauritius; South Africa, Uganda

AsiaCambodia; Indonesia; Japan; MalaysiaQatar; Singapore; Thailand; United Arab Emirates; Vietnam

OceaniaAustralia; Tahiti

EuropeFrance; Italy; Netherlands; Spain; United Kingdom

North AmericaAruba; Mexico; USA

South AmericaBrazil; Colombia


Living Dreams Joyfully:  Having the courage and the confidence over the years to make CHOICES that brought me joy taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to create the life that I want on my terms.  In 2012 I started working freelance consistently and taking breaks to travel.  My Facebook friends thought I should start a travel blog, but my life is so much more complex than JUST travel.  Family, friends, self-empowerment, personal finance (budgeting) and taking pictures of beautiful things are other interest that bring me joy.  So instead of a travel blog I am creating this lifestyle blog that I hope inspires others to make life choices that allow them to create a path to Living Dreams Joyfully!

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