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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Can you believe we only have 15 days left in this year and decade! My GOD where did the time go?!

As I sat here today to start my year end reflection process I realized that this decade is ending in a transition period which is the same way that it started. January 2009 was when my whole attitude towards the workplace changed and now in 2019 I am getting ready to transition back into the workforce in 2020. In 2009 I was also burned out and frustrated with running small businesses because people were disrespectful of my time and treated me as if they were doing me a favor by doing business with me. Now In 2019 I am getting ready to take the advice of a friend to stop having "secret" businesses and really get this marketing plan out of my head and into action.

32 year old Latiesha & 42 year old Latiesha are two totally different people mentally and emotionally because life taught me some tough lessons in the last ten years. The toughest lesson of them all was that hard work DOES NOT always pay off. When I was living this lesson in 2009 - 2010 it seemed like a cruel joke, but when 2017 - 2019 rolled around God revealed a story line that made me thank him for my unanswered prayers.

Somewhere along the way I lost ambitious, focused, fit, in your face, Latiesha! 2020 is going to be my year to find her! The lion in me has been sleeping far too long, so it's time for me to ROAR and remind people who I really am!


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