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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

March was one of those perfect storm kind of months and I am oh so happy it’s over! My chaos actually started at the end of February with losing my Dad in the midst of a train wreck of a move and a dumpster fire of a system implementation happening at work. Sleep quickly became something that I longed for and couldn’t get enough of. I disappeared into the abyss for a while just trying to keep my head above water!

I am over the moon that personally my life is back in its normal flow. Yesterday things seemed to be back to the normal level of chaos at work which allowed me to take today off!

I put me back on the list today! In a way that turned my day off into a day of a different kind of work. I spent 4 hours washing, conditioning and straightening my hair. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!

Last year around this time I said I was going to start straightening my hair and then I backed out of that idea because I didn’t want to spend hours doing my hair for no one to see. I gave myself a mini photo shoot when I finished since I’m still self-isolating for the most part. I didn’t want all my hard work to be in vain.


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