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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

My Daddy was my first male friend and the first man to show me that you can be loved with no strings attached. He blessed me with my first boys club through his friends and coworkers who poured into me and enjoyed the company of the pretty little girl that would play the blues for them when they would visit. Having this foundation as a young girl set the standard for what I expected from men as a grown woman and it is the reason why I have a solid group of Plus 1’s in my adult life.

My Daddy was my ride or die. If it was something I wanted he was right there with me riding shotgun & telling me baby I know you can do it! When I was doing my college visits my Mom didn't trust my driving, but my Daddy would jump on the passenger side & say now baby don't you have no heavy foot.

My Daddy is the reason why I am down to earth because he always showed himself friendly. I secretly believe a lot of my guy friends from school really only visited me so they could talk to my Dad. Soon as I answered the door they would always say where yo daddy at.

I am going to miss my favorite critic. He always had a sarcastic way of letting me know when I was getting too big or not wearing the right hair styles. Now I'll have to look to the skies when I need his honest but loving input.


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