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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Arrival: 06/04/2018

Departure: 06/12/2018

Address: 5 Signal Rd, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban South Africa

Review: Point Waterfront Apartments - Great Staff!

Great Staff! I can’t say enough about the people at PWA. I had a pleasant experience with every person I encountered from my arrival to my departure. I arrived after hours and it was a bit confusing finding who to check in with because the reception area was closed. There is no sign and the building looks dark. After riding around the building I saw a light and found a security guard. He directed me to Power who had my key and happily showed me to my apartment. There was a little confusion because my information I received prior to arrival said I was in Apartment 411, but Power had been instructed to check me into 516 because there were people in 411.

Apartment 516 is a 2 story apartment right across from the elevator so that was convenient. The furniture was modern and comfortable. I really enjoyed the fact that they had small blankets on all the beds because I like to throw something over me when watching television. There was tons of storage with the closets and plenty of space for multiple people to share the apartment without feeling crowded.

I had two complaints during my stay. My first complaint was about the A/C vents being filthy. There was like an inch of dust in the return, but when I notified them they were in the apartment quickly to clean both vents. My other issue was the birds. The 5th floor is the top floor and in this particular unit the roof cover of the patio is damaged and the birds have nested in the slats. The patio stayed dirty while I was there. They would send people to clean the patio, but as soon as they were done the birds would poop again. The one time I attempted to walk out the patio door I was met by drops of bird poop, so I didn’t try that again because I’m a bit OCD. This was a bit disappointing because the patio was the main reason why I chose this accommodation over another option.

PWA offers a laundry facility on site and the turnaround is same day if you get it down early enough. The location offers easy access to Ushaka Marine World where you will find a variety of dining, activity and shopping options. It’s also a short walk to the golden mile beach promenade that stretches all the way to the Suncoast Casino. I would definitely stay at PWA again as long as I am not in an apartment that doesn’t allow me to use the patio.

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