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Updated: Jan 2, 2023


God’s timing is something else. I swear it’s either too slow or WAY TOO FAST!

In the case of Living Dreams Joyfully it was way too fast. This was a business that I wanted to ease into with the security of someone else running the show. In 2018 I signed up with an independent travel agency as an agent but my intuition kept nagging me about the integrity of the business relationship. When my agreement renewal was approaching in 2019 I decided to stop being lazy and do some digging. I was not happy with the information that I found.

OH BUT GOD! Instead of being a victim of circumstance I met the challenge head on and took steps to see if I was eligible to start my own agency! March 5, 2019 Living Dreams Joyfully was approved as an accredited travel agency. By July of 2019 I had set the company up with a lot of major suppliers. Just to name a few I offer direct bookings with Allianz travel insurance, IHG Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Expedia, Southwest Vacations, Funjet Vacations, Disney cruises and resorts, Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Classic Vacations, Apple Vacations, Collette Tours and MANY others!

In 2020 I will start recruiting additional agents as independent contractors with Living Dreams Joyfully. My mission will be to bring agents in and train them up with the skills to leave me to start their own agencies if they choose too. I want to offer people who want a career in the travel industry a safe place to grow without the fear of being taken advantage of. My other goal for 2020 is to share more travel tips through the blog and show people real examples of how much travel cost. I also plan to launch a travel course that sums up all the information that I have learned in these last three years as a nomad. There is a ton of FREE information out there, but if you don’t have hours and hours to spend looking for it this course will be worth the cost to save you time and money.


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