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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Arrival: 04/29/2017

Departure: 05/02/2017

Address: Calle Octavio Paz 25, 28805 Alcala De Henares Spain

I will start with the positive before I complain. I am super happy that the superior room offered plenty of space & comfortable seating because I didn't plan on spending much time outside the room these last few days in Madrid. The view from the room is a nice serene view of the mountains & a cool view of the neighborhood. There is a McDonalds next door & a little supermarket in the same building. Now the NEGATIVE: There is only one control for the temperature & since it was hot in Madrid last week the main control is only set to AC, however it is 50 & raining now so I've been in bed most of the day trying to stay warm since there is no heat to knock the chill out the room. This bed is HARD. I may as well be on the floor. My sink has a leak but I'm ignoring it so I don't have to pack up my stuff to change rooms for 2 more nights. This location is terrible. Reviews said it was close to the airport but I only paid 30 Euro taxi to the other 2 hotels from the airport this taxi was 45 Euro.



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