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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

WE MADE IT Y’ALL!!!! (Praise hands)

I sat staring at a blank screen for a while trying to figure out what to say about 2020. This was a rough year to look back on because there was so much loss of life and financial loss happening in the world.

I was an emotional wreck most of the year in spite of the fact that personally I had a good year. It’s hard to enjoy winning in the midst of mourning and despair. I was quiet on social media because I had so many raw emotions that I wasn’t sure I could control my response if my opinions would have been challenged by the wrong energy.

Nonetheless I survived and if you are reading this you survived too. How do I know? Because you have your mind intact to read this and you have internet to access social media, which means you have a few dollars to spare on non-essentials.2020 was the year of learning to appreciate the little things because experiencing a world in lock down taught us how much the little things really mean.


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