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Updated: Apr 27, 2022


If there was a way to put this 2021 genie back in the bottle I would give it all back! This year has been one big ball of chaos. Winter storm Uri, an accidental move to the ghetto, losing my Dad, a micro-manager, ignorant neighbors and a ridiculously unorganized move to get away from said ignorant neighbors have made it really difficult to stay positive. My mental state of mind was tested more in these last 12 months than it’s been tested in my entire life to this point. Lord knows I’ve been thru some mentally exhausting things so that says a lot about this period of time that I am ready to leave behind!

I’m looking forward to pulling myself up by my bootstraps and stumbling my way out of this fog into a new chapter. I have never anticipated a new beginning as much as I am with the new year. I spent a lot of time focusing on the negative in 2021 because it was LOUD and IN MY FACE. In spite of it all I am grateful for my health, employment, financial freedom, joy and happiness!


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