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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I decided to write my first blog post about fear! This little word has so much power over our lives. Many people see me as brave but I have fear, I just choose to not let fear control me. In my opinion there is one thing worse than fear and that is regret. I don’t like could have, should have, and would have moments. If I fail there is a sense of accomplishment in knowing that I tried something and I don’t have to one day wonder what if?

I am a person that will run a thousand scenarios through my head about why something won’t work out, but I have learned that in spite of those thoughts sometimes you have to take the leap. There will be times that you take a leap and land flat on your face but I guarantee you will learn something from that experience that will make you better. That is the funny thing about fear. The very things we fear are the things that will bring us unmeasurable joy in our lives.

When I left my “stable” corporate job as a single income household to do real estate full time there was the fear of what if I don’t generate enough leads to cover my monthly living expenses. Some months I didn’t, but things always worked out. When I decided to take my first solo trip out of the country there was a lot of fear for all the things that could go wrong. My first solo trip was a piece of cake and I was mad at myself for allowing fear to keep me from traveling alone for so long. I learned even more about how strong I was during those 2 weeks.

I have FEAR of starting this blog because I am not a writer. I have never had the desire to be a writer, but I want to share my story. I’m choosing to push past the fear and take a chance on totally embarrassing myself to the world for the sake of opening dialogue with other people who are interested in Living Dreams Joyfully.

Sadly in this world we live in today there are so many things that could leave us paralyzed with fear. If we allow FEAR to stop us from doing things we are NOT living. So, go back to school, start your business, change your hair color, take your first plane ride, or whatever it is that you are afraid of failing at. DO IT!

1. What are your fears?

2. What is the best case scenario?

3. What is the worst case scenario? Is it something you can recover from?

4. Is the reward greater than the risk?

5. What type of research and planning could you do to make yourself more comfortable with challenging your fears?


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