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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Great centrally located place to do laundry. You can walk around while your cycles run and explore some of the side streets. The owner Rudy was onsite the day I went in. He was very personable helpful with giving instructions on how to use the machines and telling me where I could go to get some change because I only had big bills. The machines take tokens and the token changer doesn’t give change. The wash tokens cost €5 each. The dryers take euro and cost €1 for 8 minutes of drying when you add more coins the drying time will increase in 8 minute increments. The machines worked great and my clothes were fresh. I usually travel with my own detergent but you could purchase a travel size onsite for €1.

Directions: When you come out of the metro cross the bridge to the left of the canal going toward the cathedral. Keep straight on the street the bridge is on and use your GPS to get the remaining walking directions.


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