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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Arrival: 09/03/2019

Departure: 09/13/2019

Address: Swindon Road, London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow TW6 3FJ

I want to start by first complimenting Don & Manray. They gave me such a warm greeting upon my arrival and they were consistently warm throughout my ten day stay. Jessey helped with pointing me in the right direction to walk outside to the underground. Housekeeping and the bar tenders were all very pleasant as well. I appreciated them having ice machines on each floor by the elevators on the Crown Plaza side. Sadly I didn’t find out about this until my last two days. I had been going and getting a glass of ice from the bar and finally someone said is the ice machine on your floor not working. Then he told me where to look for it.

The hotel is far from the city center but it’s a comfortable 40 minute or so train ride in to the city. It generally cost about 3 pounds each way with the oyster card. I thought paying that was much more reasonable than the price per night I would have paid for a comparable hotel in the city center. Just be careful to not be out late night. I missed the last train to T4 one night. I waited for the bus forever to get to T5 from T123 and when I did catch the bus they told me there were no more buses from T5 to T4. So I had to take a taxi from T5 to T4 and it was 20 pounds!

The only staff member I had an issue with was Harmeet. When I went down to let the front desk know I booked a second reservation. She was getting very smart with me about the rate. She was very condescending first by calling me sweetie (totally unprofessional) and then by telling me the rate I was telling her I booked was a third party rate. I told her I was not booking a third party rate. I am an IHG Gold rewards member so the third party rate comment made no sense to me. If she was looking at my booking she should have saw that! When I realized I was getting loud with her and making a scene I told her to get her manager. Pranay came out in a very defensive manner also ready to tell me I was wrong about the rate. So I explained to him as I explained to her that I already had a booking. He finally understood what I was saying and took care of checking me in for the second reservation.



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