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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Arrival: 10/16/2017

Departure: 10/22/2017

Address: 101 St. George's Mall Cnr Church Str. & St George's Mall, Western Provence, Cape Town, 8001

Review: Holiday Inn Express Cape Town City Centre - Too Much Street Noise

Great location actually in the CBD. The Greenmarket Square was right outside my front door & there are tons of shops in a 2 minute walking distance.

It is a weird driveway for this hotel since the market is out front but there was a guy I assume security who helped me bring in my luggage. I was greeted warmly at the reception desk & thankfully my room was ready. I'm sad I didn't have a refrigerator but things were so close I could just walk to the store if I wanted a drink or a snack.

I was so HAPPY to see WASHCLOTHS. I swear that is my cross to bear when traveling. There were not any drawers to put my things in so I had to figure out a plan with the few cubby holes I had. The street noise was a lot. I was out the first few days there so I didn’t notice. I was going to extend my stay on the last day. I was feeling well and stayed in all day. There was a lady that sat on the corner and sang all day. It was quite annoying. I heard her one evening when I came in but I didn’t think anything of it because it stopped shortly after. Well apparently this is her spot to sing for money so it appears she is there all day singing.

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