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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Arrival: 08/06/2017

Departure: 08/07/2017

Address: Jalan Airport Ngurah Rai, Bali, ID

This Hilton was close to the airport with a free shuttle for a 5,000 point stay (can't beat that with a bat). The hotel has an open air lobby. It was nice checking in at night with the cool breeze but when I went down to take pictures the next morning it was kind of warm. The hotel decor is very modern, the gym was well equipped & the pool was cute. I think it's a cool place to be on a budget in paradise.

I only gave 3 stars because I did had a housekeeping issue. My linens were not clean & when I picked up my pillow a huge mosquito flew out. I pointed it out to the manager Mr. Eka & he assured me the problem would be addressed. He said he was going to refund the points for my stay but that never happened. Not a big deal since it was only a 5,000 point stay vs 25,000 points. The housekeeping manager was very apologetic as well. I would stay here again as a transit hotel but I would ask them to change the sheets upon my arrival to make sure I have clean ones.



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