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Updated: Apr 29

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Show Description:

Do you dream about seeing the beautiful pyramids of Giza in person? Do you have concerns about your safety during a visit to Egypt? In this episode Ehab and I will discuss tips for staying safe during your visit to Egypt. We will also share how locals greet one another and give some suggested locations for you to add to your visit.

About Ehab Wageh Hoba:

Ehab has been a tour guide in Cairo Egypt for 17 years working with English speaking tourist. He currently works freelance thru other tour companies. Ehab’s dream for his life is to be able to provide a good quality of life for his son. He also aspires to grow his knowledge of technology and learn more skills that will allow him to become an entrepreneur and grow a business for himself.

I met Ehab in November of 2017 during my layover visit to the Giza pyramids. Ehab was a great guide. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the sites and he made sure I was able to see the Cairo towers in spite of us being caught in a traffic jam. He pivoted and asked if I was ok walking. I said sure so we hopped out and walked to the towers. We called the driver when we were done and walked back to the car. That pivot saved the day because if we hadn’t done that I would have had to head back to the airport without seeing the towers.

My phone had malfunctioned the night before my arrival and my camera was acting weird. I was whining about not being able to take pictures and Ehab was kind enough to unlock his phone and allow me to use it as my own for the day. I was able to capture my memories of this trip thanks to his kindness! That was certainly going above and beyond!

In this episode:

· How to greet locals in Egypt

· Tips on staying safe in Cairo

· Suggested destinations to add to

your Egypt itinerary

Connect with Ehab:

WhatsApp +201002639456


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