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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Arrival: 10/31/2017

Departure: 11/03/2017

Address: No. 19 Westbrooke Drive, Sandton 2036 ZA

Review: Dynasty Forest Sandown Hotel - Secure

SECURE is the first word that comes to mind. It was a gift and a curse. There was a security guard to enter the neighborhood where my Uber had to get his Driver’s License and vehicle registration scanned. Then there was another guard shack that had to let you in the gate at the actual property. So safety was definitely not a concern. The security guard at the guard shack was extremely nice. He took my bags from my Uber driver and told him it was his job to worry about my bags. LOL Check-In was easy and the lady that checked me in was really personable.

It is a cute little complex. I had the pool area all to myself on Wednesday and it was a nice relaxing way to spend the day doing nothing. My room had all the necessary amenities and it had a kitchenette. I thought I had a one bedroom apartment but apparently my booking thru was a hotel room style but it did have a refrigerator, cooktop, sink and microwave. It was not as clean as I would have liked. The desk chair cushion had some stains on it that I didn't want to think about what they may be so I just took the cushion off the chair. The ironing board cover was filthy. They either need to replace it or wash it. At night there were people who liked to have conversations in the corridor. I didn't notice when the TV was on but when my room was quite it was a bit annoying. I had a good stay and I would stay there again in spite of the evening noise and subpar housekeeping.



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