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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Jakarta, Indonesia came with a warning sign. Every review I read said to skip Jakarta because the traffic is terrible. This was one lesson I wanted to learn for myself. Now that I have this new found love of travel I want to have a small experience in every place I pass thru. All the flights on Air Asia had a stop in Jakarta so I couldn’t avoid it. I could have done a short layover as suggested but I figured why not make a couple of nights of it. When I finally arrived to the hotel from the airport I was exhausted & I wasn't even driving. The traffic is horrendous! You have to experience it to understand it.

One blog said the motor bike taxis is the best way to get around. They even offer UberMotor but I would not try it because these people drive crazy. They are in each other’s lanes, driving on shoulders & cutting each other off constantly. I loved the Marriott Mayflower Executive Apartments. I booked an executive apartment & to my surprise when I checked in they had upgraded me to a deluxe. My one bedroom was HUGE!

Citywalk mall was a 15 minute walk away and I literally gambled with my life to take this excursion because it wasn't an easy walk with construction & small roads. I was sure I was going to become somebodies hood ornament. I didn't want to sit in traffic trying to get to the sites of Jakarta so I just explored the area around me on foot. I didn’t find much but it was a nice little walk. I was a little concerned about safety in Jakarata but I'm glad I pushed past the fear. The people I passed along the way were pleasant & helpful.


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