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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I snuck a 2 day trip to Paris on the tail end of my Spain visit. I armed myself with a map, tourist travel train pass & basic instructions to get to & from my hotel to the center of Paris. I purchased the unlimited ride pass and I was determined to see how many rides I could take in 2 days. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy spring weather so moving around was a challenge.

I did manage to get a quick view of most of the sites on the L’Open tour bus. When it was raining hard I went in the inside of the bus and when it was dry I rode at the top. Paris is definitely on my revisit list because I was literally site seeing. I didn’t get to explore the Eiffel tower, Musée du Louvre, Notre-Dame, Moulin Rouge, Luxembourg and the many other sites along the way.


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