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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Coming from America I am used to budget airlines that nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING! So when I booked my $44 one way flight from Durban to Johannesburg and didn’t see a checked baggage allowance I just assumed I had to pay for checked baggage. So me being the efficient person I am I got on the app and booked 25KG in excess baggage. BIG MISTAKE! I got to the airport and the lady said no we allow you 20KG for free. Do you have anything else that you would like to check? Uhhhhh no, I only have my laptop bag. I instantly felt sick to my stomach because as an accountant I count every penny I spend. As you can see I noted the dollar amount of my mistake in dollars and cents. LOL, so spending an extra $37.65 on excess baggage did not make me a happy woman!

Now it’s time for me to book my return flight. So I get on Expedia so I can get some points and use Ebates to get my $1.25 cashback for booking a flight. On Expedia the flights were posted as South African Airways operated by Mango Airlines. The baggage allowance said first checked bag free. So I did my little calculation and thought ok my Mango Flight is $59.30 and my 6KG excess baggage will be $23.07 so that will be $82.37 total. That is about the same price as the Expedia flight so I’ll book that and get my points and cashback! WRONG! I get to the airport and the Mango Airlines baggage allowance applies so now I’ve paid $82.23 for the ticket thru Expedia and I still have to purchase the 6 KG of excess luggage so I over paid $22.93 for my return flight.

One Way Flight to Johannesburg $44.83

25KG Excess Baggage $64.57 (R850) - only needed 10KG $26.92 (R350) = Over paid $37.65 (R500)

Return Flight $82.23 Expedia South African Airways Operated by Mango. If I would have booked directly on Mango $59.30 (R771) = Overpaid $22.93

6KG Excess Baggage Return $23.07 (R300)

I’m sharing this post to hopefully help others to learn from my mistakes. If you are not clear on cost please call and speak to someone to confirm. Don’t spend money unnecessarily like I did in this scenario.

Tell me about a time when you thought you was saving money and realized you were not.


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