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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I am an advocate of social media when it is used correctly. I am blessed that I have more people that care to fellowship with me than I have time for. Social media is a lifesaver because I can share all my crazy with the people who are interested without having to repeat stories over and over again.

This blog post was sparked by a variation of a comment about not enjoying a moment or not needing pictures to create memories. I have heard these types of comments more than once and they really aggravate me, so I’m using MY platform to vent my frustration!

If pictures and social sharing is not your thing I am not trying to convince you that is should be! I am simply saying keep your negative comments to yourself and allow other people to share as they please. If you don’t like what people are sharing unfollow or unfriend them! When I am tired of having someone in my “space”, I REMOVE them! It’s that simple.

I can only speak for myself when I say I ENJOY every moment of my life! I have a pretty AMAZING life and that is a fact if I have 0 likes or 1,000 likes! Does that mean every day of my life is roses? Absolutely NOT! However I choose not to harp on the negatives and I focus on bringing positive energy into other people’s space. I choose to capture the moments in my life through a lens because when I am having a bad day I can go back and reflect on the better days. I like sharing my joy with other people who may need my colorful photos or my goofy Stella stories to change their mood.

Taking a picture does not take you out of the moment that you are experiencing. I think the people who make these comments don’t realize that most people who blog and post are not posting real time. These social media post happen after the fact when we are sitting in our hotel room resting from all the fun we had, so there was nothing lost in the moment!

When I am reflecting back on my moment I CHOOSE what I want to share with my followers. There are a lot of things that I choose not to share because those things are for me. If it were 1999 and Facebook didn’t exist I would still have family and friends that want to share in my experiences. Before Facebook they would have to wait until I return and develop the pictures to put in an album to discuss in person.

We have always taken pictures we just share them differently now, which is why we have #tbt (Throwback Thursday) and #fbf (Flashback Friday). Nothing has changed. Thanks to technology we can share our current and past experiences with a wider audience.

As I step down off my soap box I will pose these questions to the folks that have negative comments about social media sharing.

1. Why do you have the idea someone is not enjoying a moment because they are sharing on social media?

2. Have you ever checked yourself to figure out why you have these negative comments?

3. Why are you on social media if you are not interested in people sharing life’s moments with you?

4. Do these same comments apply to you when you are sharing your life’s moments? If they do not you are a hypocrite!


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