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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Hey y'all alright? Covid-19 has introduced a lot of new people to my world as a “germophobe”. This new hysteria that everyone is living in has been my norm for years. It's been baffling to see how people need tutorials on how to wash their hands.

I have prayed for permanent remote work ever since I got introduced to the idea of it at IBM in 2006. Sadly it still hasn't become widely accepted 14 years later with technology being even more advanced than it was back then.

As someone who hates shared spaces like bathrooms & kitchens I saw remote work as a way to escape other people's poor sanitation habits.

I have never understood why people don't dump their food remains in the trash before washing their work dishes. Office kitchen sinks DO NOT have garbage disposals & I shouldn't have to see your lunch remains laying in the sink.

I also don't understand people who don't flush the toilet. I mean I get it that things are automatic these days but you should still check to make sure it worked! There is nothing more disgusting than walking into a stall where the toilet didn't flush. ugggg!

Oh & don't get me started on people that come to work sick. That aggravates me on a regular day, so during this pandemic it has been completely INFURIATING! I understand some people have allergies, so I’m not picking on those people. However there is a distinct difference between allergy symptoms vs cold or flu and we should be able to tell the difference!!!

I'm stepping down off my soap box now. I hope those of you who use work as a social outlet are holding up ok. I know being home all day is not some people’s cup of tea. However, I am personally enjoying every minute of being able to control my environment.


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