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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Arrival: 08/26/2019

Departure: 08/29/2019

Address: 2 Mercury Way, Stretford, Manchester M41 7PA, United Kingdom

I absolutely enjoyed my check-in in Ricardo! He was very welcoming and a pure pleasure to chat with during check-in. Shortly after I checked in there was a knock at the door and he came to tell me I was the guest of the day and gave me my complimentary drink coupon. The room is small, but functional. It would have been nice to have a refrigerator. The hotel list that there is an ice machine, but it’s at the bar so it’s not convenient to get ice to chill drinks. The location is good if you want to do some shopping. It’s a ten minute walk from Trafford Centre and you can see the mall from the hotel. Chloe was pleasant when I was checking out.

This was the LOUDEST most obnoxious housekeeping staff that I have ever experienced. (August 27 & 28, 2019). I have stayed in several hotels and I have never experienced a housekeeping staff that yells down the hall to one another! For at least an hour on both days I was disturbed by constant yelling. On top of that they would just let the doors hit the door stops so it was a constant bumping noise the whole time they were cleaning on the floor. On the 27th I forgot to put my Do Not Disturb out, so the first knock on the door was understandable. I told her I didn’t want my room serviced but I needed sanitary bags. Thirty minutes later there is a second knock on the door and it was a different person. I told him the same thing. Thirty minutes after that there was a third knock on the door with yet another person who told me they didn’t have any. Finally after a fourth knock on the door I got what I asked for. On the 28th I had my Do Not Disturb out and there was still a knock at the door. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! On top of that my room had splatters of something all over the wall and several stains on the carpet that I was afraid to wonder at what the stains were. EWE!

I had a late flight so I ordered chicken wings from the bar when I checked out. I ordered about 12:25. I finally went to ask about the status at 1:08pm and there was confusion about the order being placed. I was a bit annoyed that when I asked the manager asked Chloe had she put in an order for me as if I would ask about food that I didn’t order! I didn’t get my food until 1:14! Of course it came with an apology that he forgot to put in the order because he was training, but how did I pay with the order not being in the system?!?!?!



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