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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Arrival: 09/27/2019

Departure: 09/30/2019

Address: 300 North Second Street, Memphis, TN 38105

Loved My Stay. My check-in started off a little rocky. I didn’t catch the ladies name that checked me in because her attitude was really dry and she seemed like she didn’t want to be there. I was starting to think bad attitudes was a thing in Memphis because I experienced the same treatment at a different hotel. Thank God Brittany came from the back with her cheery warm personality saying hello and welcoming me to Crown Plaza Memphis. She totally changed my check-in experience in an instant.

Then the next day I was returning to the hotel and was greeted so warmly by Lamaria it felt like I was coming home to family. I was getting on the elevator with another guest that had just checked in and he said that was the warmest greeting he has ever received at any hotel. The room was very spacious and super comfortable with plenty of storage space to unpack.

I had to call down to the front desk to ask about the shuttle times again because I had forgot what she said and I was hoping the lady that checked me in didn’t answer. Thankfully I got Kaitlyn who cheerily told me that the shuttle ran every top of the hour and half hour. The shuttle and the close proximity to the trolley line made it really convenient for getting around downtown. The shuttle drivers Aaron and Reginald were really pleasant.



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