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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Let me start this post telling you how the law of attraction works. My Dad has been wanting me to come to Japan since I started traveling. He came to Japan in his military days & he wanted his baby to see it. When I booked this trip I tried all sorts of itineraries to create an open jaw to spend time in Tokyo on my way to Bangkok it was like a $300 difference. Well thanks to #HurricaneHarvey / #TropicalStormHarvey closing down my return airport causing the cancellation of my Tokyo to Houston flight I was able to extend my stay in Tokyo a week until the Houston airport opened back up. Look at God!

I was super excited to get what I wanted for free, but that excitement quickly deflated when I started looking at hotel prices and transportation cost. I hadn’t done any planning because it wasn’t on my itinerary so I didn’t know Tokyo, Japan was EXPENSIVE. I was like GEEZ this one week is going to cost almost the same as three weeks in Thailand. I sucked it up and got myself booked at the Hilton Odaiba and bought my bus transport from Narita airport to Odaiba. Thankfully I went to the desk and asked questions because I barely got booked on the last bus. A taxi ride would have been $100.

Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan, across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. I only stayed 2 nights in this area because it was costing me almost $200 a night. I moved closer to central Tokyo and I was paying $83 a night for a much smaller room. I had read that rooms were small in Tokyo but I didn’t think they meant that small.

The highlight of my stay was Disneyland Tokyo. I had never been to any of the Disney parks so it was quite the magical experience even at 40. I spent some time riding the metro and trying to get to other areas but the metro system is really complicated and finding someone that speaks English is like finding a needle in a haystack. I found one lady that was really nice and she tried her best to help me in spite of the fact that we didn’t understand one another.

I would definitely visit Tokyo again because Tokyo worked real well with my OCD nature. There are other parts of Japan I would like to visit too. I know I need to pay the extra money to book a guided tour so I can have a good stress free experience.


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