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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Johor Bahru, Malaysia is Singapore’s next door neighbor. You can get there on a one hour bus transfer from the airport. This was not a place on my radar but I had sticker shock when I started looking at Singapore hotel cost. As I was doing my research people were suggesting Johor as a more affordable option in reviews. Sure enough I found a nice Doubletree hotel that was in my budget range per night so I chose to spend my first two nights here.

Johor was a nice little treat. The hotel was in walking distance to two major malls and it was totally safe walking around alone. Of course I got lots of stares but I’m guessing they don’t see many black American’s in Johor. LOL I liked Johor because it had a small town vibe, but it had all the necessities I needed. Next time I visit Singapore I may spend more time in Johor for cost savings and to see if it’s a place I can make home for a little while as I look for work.


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