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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I recently wrote a Google review for this company and I want to share it here on my blog in hopes that NOBODY has to deal with the aggravation that I dealt with. They have a 2 star rating on Google and the other 83 bad reviews say more of the same. So I think that is a good gauge that you can trust me on this one!

AVOID AT ALL COST! If I could give them ZERO stars I would! I had to get the Better Business Bureau Florida involved to get my rebates. This is the biggest bait and switch ever! I will try to keep this from being too long. I booked two stays with them using the Ambit Travel Rewards points. Their customer service was TERRIBLE so maybe that is why Ambit discontinued the program. Here are my issues.

1. They told me I couldn’t do the trips solo. So I sat on the vouchers. Then I finally got someone who said I could go solo, but by that time the expiration date was nearing so I had to pay $25 to extend one voucher and $50 to extend the other.

2. Every resort they offered me was an upcharge. They supposedly didn’t have any of the “free” resorts available.

3. The 4 night stay in Puerto Vallarta was supposed to be $25,000 points. I paid an additional $80.16. $20 for travel insurance which was a joke because it was only trip insurance and didn’t include medical. Then $60.16 in tax, so much for a “free” trip.

4. The 2 night Golf and Spa stay was supposed to be $25,000 points. I paid an additional $154.82. I’m not sure what portion of this they charged me for their useless travel insurance, but the resort was listed on Expedia for $90 a night the two nights I stayed so it seems to me that I paid for this trip. There was nothing really free about it. On top of that when I checked into the resort I was told that there was nothing on my reservation about a free round of golf or free spa treatment.

5. I submitted all the information for my rebates on the day of checkout for each trip one in June 2019 and one in July 2019. I had to call them several times and deal with extremely long wait times to be told that my refunds were processing. In October 2019 I finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and magically they was able to have my checks mailed to me in a week!

Find another way to use your points if you are in a rewards program that deals with this company because the hassle that comes with dealing with their poor customer service is not worth it! I will end this review again by saying AVOID AT ALL COST!


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