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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Arrival: 02/25/2017

Departure: 03/01/2017

Address: Rua do Equador 506, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 23097-704 Brazil

Review: AC Hotel Rio de Janeiro Porto Maravilha (Intercity Porto Maravilha ) - GREAT CARNIVAL HOTEL

Let me start by saying that Thamirys at the front desk was my ANGEL! I struggled with so many things since I couldn’t speak Portuguese and she held my hand through it all from talking to my Ubers to buying stamps for me to mail my post cards when I left because I didn’t realize the post office would be closed. Moayaea was very pleasant at check-in and Daniel helped me get my Carnival parade tickets all squared away when I missed the guy for drop off.

I was told repeatedly this was not a safe area of town and not to walk around. There is nothing in the area except the bus station that I didn’t realize was so resourceful until my last day there. It was a huge station with a lot of fast food options, a little store, plenty of ATM’s and a post office.

I did walk around the area because this was where A LOT of the carnival floats were stored. So on carnival days they had the floats out working on them so I was able to get up close and personal. I had a lovely view of the harbor and the city from my room. The pool had some awesome view as well. I would definitely stay at this hotel again.

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