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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

For the last 3 years I’ve been saying I was going to compile a Black Friday shopping list. Somehow every year it seems I wake up it’s Thanksgiving and I have no list!

I broke the bad habit of procrastination this year! Check out my holiday wish list below. Comment and let me know if you have similar interest or share an interesting item that you are looking for that I didn’t know I needed.

Norton 360 - Every black Friday I have Norton on my list. Cyber-attacks are real and I try to protect myself the best I can.

GoPro HERO10 Black - I have had a GoPro on my list every year! I have yet to buy one. I’m procrastinating on the expense since I have yet to take my blogging 1000 percent seriously!

Music - I LOVE music! So I usually have some CD’s that I’m looking for a good deal on Black Friday. Don’t laugh at me. Yes I still buy physical CD’s. 😲 I load them to my computer and put them on my phone but I like having the CD’s covers. LOL

Movies - I am so far behind on movies! I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do like to catch deeply discounted movies on Black Friday so I can have them when I do want to check out. I know, I know! Everybody downloads movies now. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Like music I like to buy real DVD’s and rip them to MP4’s. What can I say? There is still a part of me that is an analog girl! 😂

Household Goods & Electronics - I don’t care how much stuff you accumulate. Somehow you still always wind up needing something new for the house.


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