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Updated: Jan 2

As I'm going thru each calendar month looking back at 2018 I'm realizing that I had some moments where my focus was laser sharp. Focus was my word for 2018 & I was beating myself up because I didn't see progress in the areas that I wanted to see improvement. In retrospect I see that I did focus in the areas that was necessary.

This was the renewal year for my real estate broker license so I focused on completing my 18 hour CE in the first 30 days of 2018. I accomplished this mission by January 12, so it became my first win in the new year.

I closed a real estate transaction & obtained a contract accounting job. These two actions put me on the road to saving money.

I focused a lot of energy into learning the business of blogging. I was disappointed that I didn't implement what I learned. Now I realize that a lot of focus went into research & I am way more educated today than I was January 1. I went to my first blogging conference & met my two biggest travel inspirations. I taught myself how to edit videos by entering the WOW Air contest. I knew it was a long shot for me to win, but I tried anyway and gained a valuable new skill.

I was invited to my friends elementary school for my first mentoring opportunity. It was a complete joy to see the kids excitement talking about travel. This opportunity gave me a glimmer of hope that more motivational speaking engagements were on the horizon.

I took a leap of faith & paid the necessary fees to become a travel agent to generate extra income. This is a business I was very reluctant to get into because of my lack of patience and the amount of consumer interaction this role would require. I waited 6 months to make a public announcement but I'm hopeful about the future.

I did more purging so I'm closer to my four tub life & becoming the minimalist that I aspire to be.

Screenshot of my Goals Tab and my Accomplishments Tab

I didn't travel as much as I would have liked in 2018, but I accomplished my 2018 goal to visit more African countries. I spent an extended amount of time in my beloved Durban, South Africa & I visited Botswana, Mauritius, Uganda & Kenya for the first time. After ten years I finally made it back to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

After being reminded of all these small wins. I realized 2018 was not as bad a year as I thought it was. If you haven't had time to sit quietly & meditate on the big picture of this past year I hope you can find some quiet moments before midnight to do so. It is my wish for you to find all the bright spots that 2018 had to offer & take that light of hope with you into the new year.

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