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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Coming into 2017 I was listening to an EPOP webcast and they were talking about creating a one word motto for the year. I toyed around with Purging; Refreshing; Renewal; Exploring and I settled on Freedom. Well funny how that manifested in my life. I would say I had a fairly FREE 2017.

I wrapped up my last work project on February 16th with the intention of being back at work after my birthday which would have given me more than enough time off for sabbatical. However the universe gave me the rest of the year off and I was also able to hit a couple of my other Motto's of Purging most of my possessions and Exploring 12 countries (Brazil, Spain, UAE, Singapore, France, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, South Africa & Egypt).

I am so excited because I am truly entering 2018 with a clean slate. I can't wait to see how the New Year turns out!

Happy New Year!


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