Corporate Accounting: I’m an accountant that has worked in several different departments of accounting.  I have also worked on large system implementations and system upgrades.  I’m passionate about creating, updating and simplifying business processes.  I’ve chose to work contract a majority of my career because contractors are generally brought in to fill a specific need or purpose and I like the challenge of meeting and hopefully exceeding my deliverable expectations.  Now that I have given you a brief overview of who I am as a professional I hope we can continue this discussion in more detail.  You can contact me via email or connect with me on LinkedIn to discuss ways I can make a contribution to your organization.

Personal Finance & Budgeting: I am the queen of excel spreadsheets.  I have a spreadsheet for everything.  I can tell you almost every dollar that I’ve spent since 2000.  This discipline is the reason why I have been able to take off for months at a time and not be stressed about getting a check.  I can train you to change your relationship with money so you too can be free from living check to check.  There is no gimmick, it takes discipline and sacrifice!  I will create spreadsheets and a budget plan catered to your lifestyle and income level.

Social Media Consulting and Training: I train people who are afraid of social media.  I meet so many people who say they don’t do social media.  As I continue my conversation with them I learn that they are afraid that the wrong information will be put out in cyberspace.  I can help you set up your social media accounts and teach you how to understand the privacy settings.  I can also help small businesses that want to have a presence on social media but are not sure how to create it.  Social media can be a huge marketing tool for a small business because there are so many people that use it!