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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I am going to give many instructions to help you avoid talking to the lady working there because she was rude. I was reading the instructions & she said just put your money in. I said I'm reading the instructions. Then when I put the money in she said no come select your program because it's on cold wash. I said I want cold wash. She was not inviting at all. If you put a big bill in you have to push the button for change. The machine will not automatically give it to you. The machines worked well. It was about a 20 minute wash cycle. The dryer system is weird. Its 1 pound for 8 minutes but when you put your machine number in it only takes credit 50 pence at a time. So you have to keep entering your machine number until you use all your credit. Again the lady had an attitude as if I was supposed to know this. (Insert Eye Roll).

Directions from Heathrow airport: 490 Bus toward Richmond from Heathrow Terminal 4. Get off at Bromwell Uxbridge Road stop. You will pass Bubbles before the stop. So the bus practically drops you at the door.


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