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Gaddafi Mosque & Bahá'í Temple Kampala

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Uganda National Mosque (formerly Gadaffi Mosque)

Date Visited: 08/12/2018

Fee: Entry fee paid at the Tourism Information Office desk & Tip to the tour guide if you are compelled to do so

The Gadaffi National Mosque opened in June 2007 and was later renamed to the Uganda National Mosque in 2013. It is located in old Kampala at Kampala Hill. This mosque is home to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and it is the largest Mosque in East, Central, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ladies will be veiled when the entry fee is paid. They will have scarves available but they will also veil you in your own scarf if you have one that is appropriate. You will then be introduced to your guide who will take you around and Inside the Mosque and give you the history.

You can climb the 272 steps of the tower (minaret) to get awesome 360 degree views of Kampala City with its original surrounding Seven Hills.

Bahá'í Temple

Date Visited: 08/14/2018

Fee: None but tip the tour guide if you are compelled to do so

The only Bahá'í Temple on the continent of Africa was completed in 1961 and is located in Kampala, Uganda.

The grounds around the Temple are beautiful and you are allowed to take as many exterior photos as you like. There are also some great aerial views.

Please respect the interior of the Temple and not to take photos.


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